24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 941-627-6000
Sexual Assault Helpline: 941-637-0404
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Assessing the Danger in your relationship

The following questions may help you examine how dangerous your situation is and how it is affecting your life. The number of “yes” answers does not necessarily indicate greater or lesser danger, but answering these questions can alert you to what you may already suspect about the danger of your situation. Remember: domestic violence can lead to death.

  • Has your partner ever injured you so badly you needed medical attention?
  • Does your partner seem preoccupied or obsessed with you? (following you, monitoring your whereabouts, stalking)
  • Have you partner’s assaults or abuse become more violent or brutal?
  • Do you believe you partner may seriously hurt or kill you?
  • Has your partner threatened, killed or hurt a family pet?
  • Was your partner’s last relationship abusive?
  • Has your partner ever been charged with domestic violence?
  • Do you feel isolated from sources of help? (no phone, family or friends)
  • Does your partner have access to a gun?
  • Has your partner ever threatened your life?
  • Has your partner threatened violent retaliation if you leave?
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