Get Trained!

Charlotte County Green Dot Upcoming Events

Which approach do you take?

There is no denying that violence is happening, all around us, every day.

It happens in several forms; Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child/Elder Abuse, Stalking, Bullying…

We have a choice when faced with situations that may turn violent. We can put on our blinders – pretending not to see it, or we can stand up and do something.

Each time we do take a stand, and we prevent a moment of violence from happening, we add a Green Dot to the map of our community. The goal is to fill that map with green, symbolizing our stance that we will no longer tolerate violence.

Through the Green Dot strategy, we CAN make a difference, but it takes everyone doing their small part. When we all agree to do what we can to stop the violence, we will see a dramatic decrease in the rate at which it occurs.

No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.


What’s YOUR Green Dot?

I'm just one person. How can I possibly change the culture?

You are a part of our community, which means that you have influence here. Everyone has the ability to help. Green Dot only works when all of us chip in and do our small part. Come to one of our Bystander Training seminars and learn more!

Who should be trained?

Charlotte County Green Dot welcomes anyone who works, lives, or socializes in and around Charlotte County to attend a Bystander Training seminar. Contact us to schedule a speaker or a training for your organization.

Do you only serve Charlotte County?

No – We are based in Charlotte County with the Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies, but we can provide this program to surrounding areas as well!

How long is the training?

The Bystander Training seminar is 6 hours in duration. We actively try to find donors to provide breakfast and lunch for attendees.

What costs are there?

Charlotte County Green Dot is provided by the Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies (C.A.R.E.). There are no costs for our trainings.

Can I have someone come to my organization/company to talk to my staff?

Yes! We are happy to send a representative to present a 20-30 minute Overview Speech.

Isn't this a job for law enforcement?

Law enforcement typically gets involved with these incidents after the fact, meaning that the violence has already occurred. While we fully support and appreciate our law enforcement officers, we know that the community can do better at preventing the violence to begin with.

Green Dot is awesome. Can I make a donation?

Yes. Although our services are provided free-of-charge, we do incur some expenses with providing content. You can help support Green Dot by making targeted donations, which are tax deductible, to C.A.R.E. and identified for the Green Dot program. You can also help by sponsoring a lunch at one of our seminars!

Check out the video below of Dr. Dorothy Edwards, creator of the Green Dot philosophy, as she explains how we can change the culture.

Green Dot is built on the belief that we all play an important role in the prevention of power-based personal violence. It doesn't have to be anything big...start by liking us on Facebook and telling the next person you see about us. Let's get the ball rolling!